Wide-angle, nonmechanical beam steering with high throughput utilizing polarization gratings

Jihwan Kim, Chulwoo Oh, Steve Serati, and Michael J. Escuti

Applied Optics, 50(17) 2636-2639 (2011). https://doi.org/10.1364/AO.50.002636


We introduce and demonstrate a ternary nonmechanical beam steering device based on polarization gratings (PGs). Our beam steering device employs multiple stages consisting of combinations of PGs and wave plates, which allows for a unique three-way (ternary) steering design. Ultrahigh efficiency (~100%) and polarization sensitive diffraction of individual PGs allow wide steering angles (among three diffracted orders) with extremely high throughput. We report our successful demonstration of the three-stage beam steerer having a 44° field of regard with 1.7° resolution at 1550 nm wavelength. A substantially high throughput of 78%–83% is observed that is mainly limited by electrode absorption and Fresnel losses.

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