Quartic-Phase Limited Grism-Based Ultrashort Pulse Shaper

Jeffrey J Field, Charles G. Durfee III, Jeff A. Squier, Steve Kane

Published by Optical Society of America Optics Letters Vol. 32, Issue 21, pp. 3101-3103 (2007) https://doi.org/10.1364/OL.32.003101


By replacing the dispersive element in a zero-dispersion pulse shaper with a grism, we have constructed a quartic-phase limited pulse shaper. We demonstrate compensation of 4500 fs2 without the use of a dynamic element in the pulse shaping line, which is approximately the amount of dispersion induced by a typical multi-photon microscope. We also demonstrate that detuning the pulse shaper to compensate for quadratic phase induces negligible spatial chirp, thereby maintaining a high quality focal spot for a microscopy setup. 

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