High-Resolution Phase-only Spatial Light Modulators with Sub-Millisecond Response

Steven Serati, Xiaowei Xia, Owais Mughal, Anna Linnenberger

Published in SPIE Proceedings Volume 5106, Optical Pattern Recognition XIV; (2003) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.488311


Improvements in silicon foundry processes have made possible high-resolution, light-efficient backplanes capable of driving electro-optic modulators with higher voltage signals. The higher voltage provides the excitation to achieve sub-millisecond response times with a wave of phase modulation when used with dual-frequency nematic liquid crystals. By combining dual-frequency phase modulators with high-voltage silicon backplanes, compact spatial light modulators become available for applications that need fast, high-throughput modulators such as optical signal processing, adaptive wavefront correction, optical signal routing or beamsteering, and active diffractive optics.

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