Demonstration of Reconfigurable O-CDMA Using Liquid Crystal Modulators

Xiaowei Xia, Teresa Ewing, Steven Serati, Yijing Fu, Rong Zhou, John Neff, Frank Barnes

Published in SPIEĀ Proceedings Volume 5246, Active and Passive Optical Components for WDM Communications III; (2003)


Optical CDMA technology has shown promise in optical communications, particularly in local-area optical fiber networks. We present a novel O-CDMA scheme with programmable and reconfigurable bipolar code capability using liquid crystal (LC) Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs). The key to our system performance depends on constructing a decoder that implements a true bipolar correlation using only unipolar signals and intensity detection. This has been accomplished using two unipolar correlations that can be performed optically, followed by a subtraction. In our coding system, the power spectrum of a broadband light source is encoded and decoded by programming the SLMs. The high polarization selectivity of these components coupled with the polarization rotation ability of liquid crystal elements makes switching possible with high extinction ratio and low crosstalk. Experimental results including the correlation measurements are presented. Good contrast between the autocorrelation and cross correlation values shows that a binary information symbol can be recovered by an appropriate threshold operation.

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