128 x 128 Analog Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator

Steven Serati, Gary Sharp, Roylnn Serati, Douglas McKnight, Jay Stockley

Published in SPIE Proceedings, Volume 2490. https://doi.org/10.1117/12.205797


An analog 128 X 128 spatial light modulator (SLM) has been designed and constructed using liquid crystal on silicon technology. This device is loaded with eight-bit grey-level data in 100μs. Its pixel pitch is 40μm giving an array size of 5.l2 x 5.I2 mm. Iow-voltage ferroelectric liquid crystals are used for the electro-optic modulator. These analog materials have 50μs to 100μs switching times, implying a frame rate of approximately 5 kHz. This paper presents results of the analog SLM and discusses modulation enhancements for improving correlator performance

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